The study of Ayurveda is been going for more than five thousand years in our country. Many people have benefited from it. A few have even survived life-threatening diseases because of it. Its roots spread out throughout the lifestyle of a living organism basically, without Ayurveda it would be impossible for our species to survive as drugs and medicines were a mere dream to us back in the time. One of its distinguished roots that have helped the tree of Ayurveda to keep standing tall is the Panchakarma therapy. As the name suggests it is a five-step therapy that is focused on the cleansing of the body. It is a two-week-long process that is done by using body oils that are meant to get rid of the body toxins. As normal as Panchakarma may sound it has a scientific approach to it that makes it so special, the reason is given below!

Let us start with the process of Panchakarma, as mentioned above it is a five-step therapy that is considered to be the basis for attaining a complete purified body. It has a way to kill all the diseases causing factors from our body and keep an equilibrium amongst the usual functions the organs exhibit daily. The procedure of each of the five steps is unique making it the best process of healing.


It is the first step of Panchakarma, which involves the removal of the toxins that are already present in the body. The patient is fed with ayurvedic medications and given ayurvedic therapies to remove out the toxins through vomiting.


This is another step of cleansing where the patient is asked to consume Ayurvedic medicines for the cleansing of their guts.


It is a therapy designed to target specific diseases like piles, constipation, and arthritis. It is done by consuming natural products such as ghee or milk through the enema.


It is designed for people who have head diseases. It is one of the best ayurvedic cleansing therapy where the cerebral area gets free from pain.


As the name suggests it is the process of purifying the blood. As we all know the major cause of our diseases is impure blood, therefore this therapy helps in that.

The impurities and toxins in our body are accumulated due to the constant wear and tear of the body, inattentiveness of the functioning parts, and inappropriate eating habits. If these are not removed from our body at the most suitable time then they turn into a disease that often hampers us in a long term. Due to this, body cleansing or Panchakarma has become of the utmost importance in the lives of everyone for improving the longevity of our human body. 

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