While pregnancy, following a simple ayurvedic healing process can be a big asset to the treatment you receive from your doctor especially if you live in an overpopulated and hectic city. In Ayurveda, the span of pregnancy is considered to be a very special and spiritual time in a women’s life. It is considered to be the golden period in a women’s life where they get the very famous pregnancy glow. To help this, meditation and other spiritual practices are highly recommended for a pregnant woman. Also balancing the Vata dosha that signifies air and space is very important to balance the nervous system of women that is required by pregnant women.

Following are 4 ancient Ayurvedic techniques that one needs to follow during pregnancy.

Include fats and oils in your food. 

Including a lot of fats in our diet is always very important and especially during pregnancy. It not only helps the lady to gain enough mass before pregnancy but also helps in the brain development of the baby. They keep a balance between Vata that is essential during pregnancy. Some foods might include organic milk, olive oil, dry fruits, seeds, and avocado. Cooking in Ghee helps in digestion that fluctuates during the pregnancy period. The ayurvedic herbs are completely soluble in fats and oils, which indicated that having them along with fats is a good option

Sattvic Lifestyle. 

In Ayurvedic terms, sattvic means that the food is pure and fresh. The mother needs to consume food that nourishes the tissues of her baby and her. Eating well-cooked food is preferred over raw food. This helps in achieving clarity of the mind. You should also refrain from having negative emotions such as sorrow, anger, relief, grief, etc that are not good for the growth of the baby. Being in a happy environment that has laughter as an essential part of its system is highly advised.

Nourishing body and mind with Oil Massage. 

One of the most important things is to nourish yourself. The old-style method teaches us that what you taste, see and touch during the day, the baby experiences too. Taking a daily body massage with Ayurvedic oils helps nourish the mind, body, and spirit of the mother and the baby. It is a process of giving love to your baby and at the same time helping erase the stretch marks, increase skin elasticity, and belly itching. 

Practicing Grabha Sanskar

In the language of Sanskrit, Garbha signifies womb and sanskar signifies educating the brain. Therefore, Garbha sanskar indicates teaching the brain of the child budding in the mother’s stomach. Ayurveda trusts that a child’s psychological and behavioural growth begins as the mother gives birth. The baby’s behavior starts to form in the stomach, and this is affected by the mother’s state of mind while pregnancy.

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