As per Ayurveda the best method to stay healthy and away from any kind of illness is to know your Prakriti or natural self. If you follow the knowledge provided by your Prakriti and live an appropriate life according to it, you ought to receive the rewards of accomplishing a balanced mental and physical state and recapturing control of your life.

How does one know their Prakriti?

The old rituals of Ayurveda express that your psychological and emotional state can profoundly impact your life. During birth, you are given an exclusive physical, mental and emotional personality, otherwise called Prakriti. When glancing in the mirror you can see your actual self but have you seen your natural self or “Prakriti”?

Because of infection, mental or physical sicknesses, your body can transform, causing a disturbance in your Prakriti. Sometimes because of external factors like an undesirable way of life, ecological hazards, not noticing a harmony between work and fun activities, also characteristic causes like age change your body appearances. Due to all this sometimes your brain and body will fail to maintain a balance which causes sickness, and a disturbance in your Prakriti. 

How Does Information of Your Prakriti Affect You?

 As per Ayurveda, by having information on your Prakriti you can know the attributes which oversee your wellbeing and prosperity thus help you live a cheerful and content life. Alternately, you figure out how to get you out of the routine life that causes sickness in your life. If you are unaware of your natural self, you may not know how to set a balance in your daily life to prevent any kind of sickness and change your balance to get back fit and fine.

Connecting Layers of Prakriti 

Ayurveda has not only focused on the physical constitution of a human but also the psychological aspect of it for over a thousand years. In this way, Prakriti can be separated into precise sub-divisions. A model being Deha Prakriti characterises physiological and mental attributes. We realize that the Prakriti stays unaltered all through an individual’s lifetime, although, Doshas can change. Not only can this change with illness and changes in the environment but also with a person matures. Janma Prakriti alludes to the hereditary constitution, which is passed down from parents. Another one called Manas Prakriti incorporates the psychological characteristics of an individual and their improvement since birth.

Mental Qualities of Manas Prakriti

Manas Prakriti is steady all through our life. It is made out of three essential psychological characteristics or Gunas called Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas which gives us an idea about a person’s psychological setup. The Gunas play a vital part in Ayurvedic treatment, the objective being an improvement toward the degree of Sattva. An individual with a Sattva constitution is calm, compassionate, continuously looking out for equilibrium in life. On the other hand, Rajas constitutions are fierce, making them dynamic and restless. While, Those with Tamas attributes have an essentially negative mentality, and they disrupt peace and harmony.

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