Our work always requires us to be upright and vigilant, people usually spend their day at work sitting in front of a laptop or staring at the TV at home for very long durations. All this causes severe neck problems which may seem to be very small in the short run but in a long run, they are very painful. So, a simple question that arises is that if the causes of the neck pain are so simple, why isn’t the cure?

Well, the cure is as simple as it can ever get! To do away with this pain all one has to do is follow the six simple asanas that are given below and you are going to start observing the results as soon as possible. Moreover, the best part about Yoga is that is very simple to do and it has been running strong for a few hundred years.

Neck stretch

Keep your body in a straight rest position and push your chin forward, hold this for 5 seconds. This stretches your throat muscles. After this come back to the rest position again and stretch your neck backwards, hold for 5 seconds and then return to the original position. Repeat this exercise five times.

Neck tilt 

Start with tilting your head down to your shoulder, touching your ear to it. Now make sure you hold the position for at least 5 seconds and then release it back. Repeat it for the other side too. Repeat the same five times.


This focuses on the front of your neck. Inhale while looking up and exhale while you are coming back to your normal position. Do 5 repetitions.

Neck tur

Turn your head to the left side and hold it. Now at the same head height, turn to the other side and hold. Repeat 5 times.

Cobra Pose

It helps in strengthening the entire spine and removing any kind of stiffness in it. It also helps in the cure of cervical spondylosis.


1. Rests on your stomach bring your hands, palms down and place them beside your shoulders.

2. Let your elbows be tucked into your body.

3. Breathe in slowly and gradually raise your body onto your elbows.

4. Extend your neck backwards and remain in this position for a couple of breaths.

Crocodile Pose

This yoga asana is good for back and relaxation. It maintains the shape of the spine and helps release the strain.


1. Rests on the floor on your stomach with your hands twisted under your head.

2. Extend your legs as far as possible such that your toes pointing outwards.

3. Loosen up the entire body and inhale normally and slowly.

4. Remain in the posture for 5 minutes.

It doesn’t take a lot to develop pain in this area of your body, and it’s easy for that pain to extend to your shoulders and back. Neck pain can lead to headaches and even injuries. To keep yourself safe from these issues, follow the guide that has been provided by our experts and for a more relaxing and luxurious experience join us at Modi Yoga Retreat Rishikesh as it is one of the best healing centres in India. Meditation in Rishikesh has never been this easier, so do not waste your time crying due to cervical pain, and quickly book a visit with us!