Being in a pandemic has made us crave a vacation. If you are amongst the people who want to replenish their spirits, restart the cycle of your life, and reinvent the balance in your life, then a Yoga retreat is all you need. New to the term Yoga retreat? Given below are 6 pointers you should keep in mind before choosing a yoga retreat.

1. Location

Yoga retreats are established all around the world, you need to choose a place that you already love or would want to explore in the future. Ask yourself if you are more of a beach person or a mountain person? If you like to enjoy the culture, arts, and nature then a place like Rishikesh is the best for you. If you are a beach person then someplace like Goa is the best suited for you. It depends on what you prefer and a place that will suit your body in the best way possible.

2. Choosing a Guide

Familiarising yourself with the guide of the retreat, knowing facts about their experience guiding the groups who visit. Ask them a few questions about the experiences of the people who visited them in the past, this will help you get live updates on the experience of the people with the tutors. 

Ask yourself if you feel safe in the environment? If the teacher has a vast knowledge about the language spoken at the pace of visit, the culture and places of importance. In the end, it is your vacation and you would want to be guided by someone with a best experience.

3. Theme of the Retreat

Ask yourself, what are you looking for? Is it a camp that focuses on exercising and physical fitness or it is a camp that focuses on improving the mental strength of a person because if it does not match your fit, you might not like it! 

Also, ask what is your ultimate goal out of the retreat, is it to get direction in life? Or something as simple as weight loss. This will also help in bringing like-minded people that will help in serving the cause of your trip.

4. Cost

When you consider cost, it is very obvious you consider quality and quantity. When we consider quality, we consider if the services provided are worth our money. Likewise, when we consider quantity it is the number of services provided at a cheap rate. This is very important as it gives you a budget behind your trip and avoids you from overspending. It is advisable to not always consider a cheaper option because not every retreat is as good as the other.

5. Luxury of the Retreat

No one wants to sacrifice their comfort when they are on a vacation. There are many hotels and resorts which offer 5-star luxury facilities and treatments. On the contrary, to this, there are many resorts and places which offer a camping style feel, where you stay in tents and go for hikes. Everyone has a different sense of comfort so luxury differs from person to person.

6. Number of People in the Retreat

Always enquire about the minimum and maximum people that are invited to the retreat. This is because not everyone is comfortable learning in big groups, so if you are someone who gets lost in big groups chose a smaller group. If you are someone who is going to make connections with people then you can choose a bigger group. Always remember, activities are influenced by the number of people present in the retreat.

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