From the old days, back pain has always been associated with age. If you are experiencing pain it is because you have become old but this has totally changed during the pandemic. In the current era majority of the people have failed to maintain body fitness. Due to this the probability of them being vulnerable to minor injuries and pains has increased drastically.  Today back pain has become a very common problem, been traced in almost every age group. Hence it has become imperative to come up with ways to reduce this problem and maybe put an end to it.

Well, there are various ways to tackle back pain, people resort to massage, gym, etc but all these require you to physically go out of your house which is not very safe due to COVID – 19. So, in this situation, one can always to Yoga as it only requires you to have a Yoga Mat. It is the purest form of natural therapy as it does want you to lift or use any kinds of lotions, it just plays with your own body weight. More than doing Yoga it is of utmost importance to have the right knowledge about what particular asanas one should perform for the back.  To help you relieve your back pain, this blog will apprise you with some of the very important and helpful yoga postures:  

The best posture for people experiencing minor back pain, it exercises your whole back as it is stretching every part of it. Along with this focusing on breathing helps in relieving the unwanted stress one is experiencing. 

Always begin with sitting on the ground like a cow, make sure your back is bending inside like a spoon and always look up. During this time breathe in and hold it. Now slowly push your back outwards and give it a hump. While doing this breath out. Always make sure while you perform this exercise every part of your back is stretched well. 

Extended Triangle           

This yoga posture helps you stretch and strengthen your thighs, knees, and ankles. It also stretches hips, groins, hamstrings, and calves; shoulders, chest, and spine. It has an overall effect on your entire body, making sure that you have completely stretched all your body part. It also makes your core stronger.

To start this pose, stand with your legs stretched wide open. Stretch your hands wide open and turn your head in a particular direction. Now breathe in and bend in the opposite direction your head is pointing in and try to touch your toes. Make sure your hands do not fold while touching your toes and while you touch your toe you are looking at the ceiling. Now breathe out while doing this and repeat it in the other direction too. 

Sphinx Pose:

 This pose strengthens the spine and stretches the chest and lungs, shoulders, and abdomen. It also firms the buttocks.

Start with laying on your stomach with your hands right next to your head. Now slowly lift your back till your hips in the air with the support of your hands. Make sure you breathe in while doing it and when you release this pose you breathe out. Make sure you do not bend your upper body and your neck is almost perpendicular to your lower body.

Locust Pose

This pose strengthens the muscles of the spine, buttocks, and backs of the arms and legs. It also stretches the shoulders, chest, belly, and thighs. Overall, this aasana improves posture.

Lie down on your stomach with your feet joined together. Now stretch your hands in front of your head and slowly breathe in. At this moment lift your lower body and your upper body too like a spoon. Hold the pose for as long as you can and then slowly breathe out. 

Along with performing Yoga asana’s, one can also perform get rid of the pain through other ways like taking precautions before performing some kind of activity, eat healthy and keep your body weight in check which will ultimately help us maintain a good posture. We hope these aasanas gave you a deep insight into what all yoga postures can be very effective to cure your back pain. However, we recommend you visit Modi Yoga Retreat Rishikesh to perform these yogabhyasa under expert supervision. As one of the best healing centres in India, our experts will personalize your experience and will let you go only once you have recovered. So contact us!

These aasanas give you a deep insight into the yoga postures that can be very effective to cure your back pain. However, our experts recommend you to visit Modi Yoga Retreat Rishikesh to perform these asanas under the expert supervision of them as one of the major causes of pain is inappropriate posture while exercising. We, at Modi Yoga Retreat Rishikesh, understand every cause of back pain and also provide a solution to it. Our centre is one of the best healing centres in India which claims to give our customers a premium service and hospitality. So do contact us!