If you want to get ripped, you resort to going to the gym. If you want to lose some kilos you resort to heavy cardio. So isn’t it very obvious that in order to improve and maintain the structure of your face you need to give your face muscles a go too? Well this is the concept behind face yoga, a budding term in the world of fitness and yoga retreat that claims to provide a natural remedy to bumpy wrinkles without the use of any surgery or cosmetic products. This may seem to sound like something a person would do during their futile time but the benefits of face yoga can be observed in the long run.

The major cause for wrinkles is anxiety and tension which is a daily part of our lives, practically as one cannot totally eliminate this from their life adapting to something like facial yoga is something we at the Modi Yoga Retreat advise people. Our yoga retreat program focuses on a different part of the face everyday enhancing the overall glow of your face.    

The exercises we focus on include are very basic in nature, they are simple and very effective in the removal of any stretch marks that may cause any type of wrinkles in the future. Not only do they prolong the possibility of face deterioration but also add a glow to the face. For your own satisfaction about the genuinity of the program, a set of easy exercises that can be practised by you are mentioned below. It is proven that practising these exercises for about 30 mins a day for about a month brings about a change. They also help with shaping your jawline and even reducing stress. Guidance about these exercises is mentioned below:

Face Yoga for Jawline

This is a very basic exercise that everyone has been practising since their childhood but never actually paid attention to its benefits. Well for people who do not know about this, one needs to pout their lips out tightening the cheek and chin muscles, now start pointing the head up in the sky and then the sides stretching the jawline in all the possible directions. This helps stretch the muscles which in turn helps in sharpening the jawline. Always make sure to stretch your neck properly in order to avoid any injuries and focus on breathing while doing it.

Face Yoga for Cheeks

As the name suggests this exercise focuses mainly on cleaning out the roughness of the skin making it smoother. To perform it one should place their index and middle finger just beside their nose and then gently rub it across the cheek in a circular fashion putting minimal pressure. This pressure you apply to your face helps release the contracted muscles that have been in motion and gives you a sense of relaxation. The most important thing over here is breathing simultaneously while applying pressure on the side of the face which boosts the pace and helps more in the process.

Yoga for the facial tension

Inversion of the body is something that relaxes the face muscles as it starts the flow of blood in your face and head releasing all the tension. One can start by standing by stretching your feet wide open and focusing on breathing. Now slowly put your elbows to your hip and start bending ahead. Do that till you can and try touching your head to the ground slowly, once you touch the ground put your hand on the ground and the support of the ground while still holding the position of your head pointed down. Be still for at least 3-4 minutes and then repeat it 3-4 times. A few important things to note is to always make sure you stretch before actually doing any such exercises and also if you suffer from any skin condition always make sure to consult a doctor before putting any pressure on your face.

Today due to the fear of contracting the COVID – 19 virus many people have shelved themselves at home away from their regular facial boutique treatment, it is the best time for one to actually consider facial yoga and see the benefits of face yoga. We at Modi Yoga Retreat keep your well being at our utmost priority and have made all the possible arrangements for safety against COVID – 19. Besides this our expert yoga teachers not only guide you throughout your yoga activities but also personalize your experience as per your needs. So, what are you waiting for?