In addition to grey hair, getting old also carries along diseases that are difficult to see coming but are very painful to feel. Especially at the age of 40-50’s we start seeing major changes in our physicality in terms of our speed, strength, elasticity compared to the time when we are in our 20’s. It is very natural for human beings to get affected by ageing. Although it is uncontrollable, one can always make sure that it has a limited effect on them. Yoga is a powerful weapon that can help control medical issues and even provide a long-term relief from them. Irrespective of your age and gender, yoga is always helpful. This blog focuses on the asanas that can reduce the effects of ageing by Yoga suggested by our experts at the Modi Yoga retreat centre. Practising Yoga or Yoga Abhyasa is known to energize our whole body and mind and radiates positivity in abundance. All you need during this entire process is- A mat and an airy space. If you have these things, Guess what? You are good to GO!


It is also known as the Tree pose. It is a replica of the stable and elegant posture of the tree. The main logic behind this is get balance in our body during the day-to-day activities as it teaches us how to stand in a particular position for long.

To get kickstarted with this posture one must start with standing in normal stable posture. Slowly transfer all the weight on the left leg and fold the right leg and lift it, balancing on your left leg. Now open the right hip and leg almost perpendicular to the left leg. Now that you are balancing on one leg, join your hands that way you join then while praying and put them near your chest. After this focus on your breathing. You should do it for both the legs. The real challenge here is body balance and leg strength. It helps improve both. People with blood pressure issues, osteoporosis, inner ear conditions should take the following pose with a support of the wall.


This asana is popularly known to increase the blood flow throughout the body and majorly to the brain. It is also called as the Shoulder stand pose, which involves balancing your whole-body upside down on your shoulder. 

To start this posture, one should be in a state of exhaling. Lie down on your back, now slowly life your legs up without bending your knees. After this take your hands and push your hips up to till the time all the weight of your body is on the neck and the back of your head. If you cannot balance take a help of a wall. Hold the position for how long as you can but the max of 2 minutes and then slowly out your legs back down and concentrate on breathing slowly, take rest for sometime and breathe. 

Setu Bandhasana

It is also called the bridge pose. Majorly known for the relieving effects it provides to the back and also for the strengthening of thigh and shoulder muscles. 

To kickstart the posture, lie on your back. Now fold your legs while being in the same position, make sure there is a considerable distance between both legs. Keep your hands at the side and slowly try touching your ankles. At the same time while breathing in life your lower back till the point you make a bridge from the knees to your neck on the ground. Focus on your breathing and after a couple of minutes, release the pose. People suffering from major neck and back injuries should refrain from doing this.


It is also called the Yoga headstand. This posture keeps your brain functioning in a very smooth manner, it also helps in making your sensory organs work efficiently. It is also great for your reproductive system.

It is exactly like your Sarvangasana but here you have to balance on your head and hands placed under your hand to lower the pressure on your head.

Today, with increasing awareness about health and its maintenance, every individual has become conscious about their lifestyle, eating patterns, and also physical activities. We all want to look young and to stop ourselves from ageing; we tend to overspend on foreign products, expensive creams, unnecessary healthcare, and whatnot but now we know that Yoga is the one-time solution to everything. For a better guidance and flawless service, we are people to contact. We are one of the best hotels in Rishikesh and yoga retreats in India. With us, you will experience the best Yoga practices in Rishikesh and all over the world. It is a one place destination for everyone who is willing to amend their lifestyle. Join us today for an unparalleled experience and say goodbye to your anti-ageing concerns!