Today life has become more stressful than it ever was, due to this our health is constantly under threat and it has become very important that we consider our well-being. The traditional way of exercising and weight lifting is traditionally planned to build our body muscle and beauty that feels appealing to others. Although all this is very essential for a person but such a way of exercising does not consider the state of our inner body and emotional state which is as important as our outer beauty. So here comes a question about how can one keep healthy by satisfying all the three conditions mentioned above?

A holistic approach to working out can help us achieve stability in our emotional health and physical body. Not only does it focus on muscle strength and endurance but it also helps one to find the balance between a well-built exterior body and a healthy interior. According to experts, one should start his/her day with muscle-building exercises that help them cover the outer body area of the holistic training. There are various types of exercises one can perform for that, a few are mentioned below.

Lifting weights for your upper and lower body

In this, you can start with lifting weights for your lower body starting with squats holding weights. You can follow that with lunges and end your leg section with good old-fashioned calf and hamstring stretching. Then comes your upper body where you can start with lifting dumbles for your biceps and triceps. Perform the same with lifting weights for your shoulder and chest. Always end your session by stretching your arms and fingers well.

High-intensity interval training

You can start this by jogging for five minutes so that your body gets all warmed up. After this sprint a couple of straight rounds. Following this, you can start with doing basic drills like jumping jacks, high-knees, and back kicks. After this is done one can either start skipping or even high jumps. 

Bodyweight exercises

This includes all kinds of push-ups, pull-ups, all core exercises, all types of squatting and headstands, etc.

Cautions: Must Keep in Mind

· You should be cautious while starting a strengthening exercise program in case you’re a novice in exercising or have any injuries or pre-existing medical concerns.

· Start slowly and gradually builds up the stamina you need. Increase the duration of your workouts over a few weeks and not immediately.

· Adhere to your body comfort and stop immediately if you need a break or it starts to cause pain.

· Try avoiding being short of breath and do not hold your breath. This can lead to rising in your blood pressure.

The environment of your exercise makes a lot of difference and adds to the effectiveness of the exercises. After a long workout, a great body massage, and getting into the spa is all you need for your recovery and stress relaxation. After spending some quality time in the spa and relaxing a lot, one can opt to listening to soothing music and meditating for some time in the open air. Lastly ending your workout with a good herbal or green tea, few fruits, and some snack along with it is the perfect end to the workout.

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