Modi Luxury Wellness Centre is the Safe Haven for All

Modi Luxury Wellness Centre

Modi Luxury Wellness Centre is the Safe Haven for All

Standing by the quiet and serene Ganges, I stand here tall and alone, eagerly waiting for my guests to arrive. While a lot of you reading this, may wonder how on earth could I emote like a living being for I am nothing more than bricks and mortar, but it was you, all you dear friends who visited me time to time and gave a meaning to my existence. It was you who played around in my compound, filled it with memories and made me a place that came alive. It was because of you my dear guests, your stay and your existence here that has filled it with memories etched in every walls of my soul here in Rishikesh, that I will carry it always with me till the eternity of my existence.

Promising a Safe and Healthy Lifestyle

I, MLWC, is your luxury and premium service provider. At MLWC, I along with my team have taken care of the tinniest of the safety and sanitation processes. This is not a process that we have been following due to the pandemic, but a process that we followed from the time that I got in my soul for my existence. My creators wanted to make sure that I remain the most hygienic place whenever guests like you arrived to avail my services in my premise. With the outbreak of the pandemic, I still wanted to cry out to all of you that I was safe, but I also had to follow the duty calls of the nation. I love being a law-abiding part of my country. Hence, I did not revolt (wink, wink). This was the best for all of us then for we were starting a new beginning and prepping for the newness for a change that all of us had to undermine. And most importantly, maintaining the norms for our safety by following social distancing is still the best way to outcast the invisible enemy.

I with all my affirmation, would like to reassure you my friends, that at MLWC we take utmost care in sanitizing our premises and goods as per the WHO guidelines and we adhere to the best practices that will not just keep all of you visiting us safe, but will keep me and my friends at the management safe. In India, my creators have taught me the simple principle of ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ implying guests are equivalent to Gods. Hence, I along with my team will take the most advantage of this principle in treating all of you with a feeling no less than that. We at MLWC are a set a compassionate enthusiast who will bring forth to you everything as per your expectations and our standards. While most of you will still be worried about the new norm of social distancing, I delightfully want to announce to all of you that I am a small and cozy property and will give all you the benefit of social distancing because I already accommodate limited people in my vicinity. Didn’t I tell you already that my creators are a visionary……?! I think they had already guessed that social distancing is going to be the new normal and had already trained my services and me to be a part of this lifestyle.

What Do I offer you?

Having spoken about my safety, I MLWC, would like all of you to know about my services and offerings. My team here along with my existence have always thought and brought the best of the raw India to all our patrons and guests. The raw India here, is intended to imply to all the techniques and processes that our forefathers have used to give all of us a healthy and natural lifestyle. The herbs and the Your time here with us will prepare you for your new lifestyle and vitality. Our processes comprising of centuries old natural ingredients will help you experience our medical and culinary expertise that will be helpful in attaining both long term health and a lifetime of beneficial habits.

With the current hustle bustle of our busy lives, we often forget to give time to ourselves. These tough times usually drain us out. Draining is not just physical, but mental as well. And mental fitness leads to all other finesses in our body. Be it work from home or rushing to our offices (a past and a dream to come true in the near future) or just doing our regular household chores, stress is ubiquitous and is everywhere. Our therapies not just strive to cure you, but they cleanse you from within. These natural therapies are carefully designed as per your bodily requirement. Each package is customized after carefully examining your overall health.

However, we at MLWC, also thought in times so tense wherein immunity plays an important role in remaining fit and healthy, we have curated an immunity booster program for all of you. The program can be undertaken by all and goes without saying that it will be beneficial undergoing it. Watch out this space for more information on this ‘Immunity Booster’ program.

Awaiting you with Open Arms

Just as much we are awaiting to welcome you all with our open arms, please ensure that you all are safe wherever you are. We are open for booking from 10th June, 2020 onwards and cannot express our thrill to receive you here at MLWC, Rishikesh. We are looking forward to being part of your many memories together along with giving a new perspective to life. We hope to give you a phenomenal cure that will always associate us throughout our lives with sweet experiences. For our better today and tomorrow, let us come together in making this process hassle free, book in your appointments and check-ins earlier. We promise to hold you through your journey and become a part of our attainment to a healthy, wealthy and beyond 100 lifestyles.

Awaiting you, with open arms!



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